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The Flight of the Barbarous Relic  
"Virtually everything every American needs to know about the Federal Reserve, fiat-money central banking, and monetary history" in novel form.

Demagogue's Survival Guide
Since you're in politics, you're seeking legally coercive control...

State Treachery
... a strong distrust of government is indigenous to the American character.





Snub the Tyrants and Grow Your Own, January 14, 2002
And when you finally harvest those juicy edibles and carry them into your home--without once leaving your property--you can almost hear the fife and drums.   You're gripped by a feeling virtually unknown in today's world: independence.  This is what our ancestors fought for.

Dad's Last Stand
She wasnít home because she had no place to stay. According to gossip, her room, once habitable, had experienced a cataclysmic event.
I decided I would fix this problem. I would fix it by cleaning her room.

I set him down on some grass and watched while he crawled toward the water.  Iíll never forget how small he looked.  Even the grass looked bigger than Doughboy.

We Should All Have Voltaire's Passion
Donít muddle your message just to make it sound fancy.

Schools Get a Dunce for Self-Esteem, February 17, 2003
We need to wake up to the fact that no one can give us self-esteem. The responsibility for sustaining it lies with each of us alone. If we fail to understand this principle, we tend to look for self-esteem where it can't be found, as many school teachers are doing.

Step One in Fighting the State, December 12, 2002
One of the distinguishing traits of the Founders was their love of books.

An Ode to Computer Guys December 20, 2001
I wasn't cheap labor by any means, but compared to the salaries of executives, I was ashtray dust.  Executives are dangerous.  They're used to commanding intelligence.  Computers are dumb.  When executives command computers, they get in trouble.  My most sacred mission was to browse magazines outside their conference room while they ran PowerPoint slide presentations on fancy equipment.  It was a sound investment.  Never leave an executive alone with a computer when he's in front of people.

Birth of a Champion - Avoiding Victimhood Through Spiritual Strength December 15, 2001
Not once did she cry, choke up, or otherwise convey the view that she was a victim to be pitied.  She was a person who'd had a horrible experience and was determined to go on with her life.

Go Ahead, Show a Little Spunk  November 7, 2001
We have too many heroes in this country not to make it through this crisis.

"Oh, Say, Can You See" - Why we should keep our national anthem   October 13, 2001
It was born in battle and captures the spirit of the American resolve not to surrender to an aggressor.

The Alleged Attack  October 6, 2001
Since Reuters forbids their journalists to use "terrorist" in their reports (couldn't we construe the attackers as simply irate airline customers?) and CBS, citing allegiance to neutrality, is mandating that the 'T' word hold hands with "alleged" or some other like qualifier, why not carry their logic into the field of actual events?

Pacifists, Take Up the Flag!   October 5, 2001
Bin Laden is no neo-Marxist hero, as you want to believe.  He's a warmongering capitalist pig out to rule the world.  Arise!  Throw down your peace signs and take up the flag.  Stop this aggressor in the name of the people.

Don't Answer the Cattle Call   September 29, 2004
Philosophers who assert A is not A, who reject the supposition that existence exists and treat reasoning like a Kantian parlor game, will likely get around to telling us we're sacrificial fodder, that the more government we have, the better.

Wanted: ExtremistsTo Defend Our Way of Life  September 22, 2001
If we're serious about defending our freedom, we'll embrace the value of man's rights and fight for it to the extreme -- as our original patriots did.


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