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State Treachery
... a strong distrust of government is indigenous to the American character.





State Treachery 

Barbarous Relic                                                                                 Screenwriting Sanctuary


"Good stuff."
Joseph Farah 

"It is scarcely possible to touch on any subject, that will not suggest an allusion to some corruption in governments."
Thomas Paine, Rights of Man notes #24

It’s déjà vu all over again . . . and again, and again.  So it seems with politics.

Government sees some problem, real or imagined, and puts its stamp on it. And like the original Stamp Act that sparked the rebellion in 1765, the U.S. government’s stamp has a gun behind it – whether it’s in the form of new regulations, protective tariffs, education funding, presidential directives, military intrusions, or some other initiative. 

Americans are supposed to believe that if the government administers coercion in the right doses at the right time for the benefit of the right special interests, it will solve our problems.

It doesn’t work.  It’s never worked.  It’s flawed in theory and in practice.  It serves the few at the expense of the many and erodes the freedom and quality of life for all of us. 

This is where I try to make a difference.  The columns I write emerge from my study of history and the world today.

Much of our founding philosophy is considered treasonous today because of our growing dependency on the state.  But a strong distrust of government is indigenous to the American character.

Our founders called themselves patriots while taking up arms against the king.  For many of them, man’s rights took priority over everything, even the survival of the state. 

As you’ll see in the following pages, I share that conviction.  My writing is not gentle, but then how mellow was Jefferson’s Necessity of Taking Up Arms or Paine’s Common Sense?  They wanted a better life for all people, not just the politically-connected.

1.  Our Political Installment Plan  
Where is the middle road taking us?

2.  “Victory or Death”  
Knowing he needed a victory to keep the American cause alive,
               Washington decided to attack Trenton while the Hessians slept off    

3.  Big Business Forged Its Own Chains                                                                   
Big Business turned to government force when the 19th century
               trust movement failed to curtail “ruinous” competition.

4.  The State Feasts on Holidays                                                                                          
The state can't digest Thanksgiving straight out of history, so it sells us this version.

5.  If This Be Treason                                                                                                       
In the summer of 1765, Samuel Adams sent a Boston mob marching
                against the royally-appointed stamp distributor, Andrew Oliver.

6.  A No-brainer for Massachusetts: End the Income Tax                                      
We have two major parties but only one greedy hand.  Kill the income tax.

7.  Near Miss Threatens Big Government                                                          
Slaves were demanding their freedom when they weren’t supposed
               to know they were slaves.  Government schools should have kept    
               this from happening.  Weren’t those 881,738 people who voted to
               end the income tax paying attention in class?

8.  Addicted to Big Government                                                                              
Americans want more of what’s killing them.

9.  Slow-frying the Taxpayer                                                                             
The pay-as-you-go method is the key to imposing tax increases without resistance.

10.  Suing Corporate America to Save the World                                         
Why should groundless allegations bar any of us from getting back
               what Corporate America owes us?

11.  Tax Revolts and Secession                                                                                        
With the South’s support of free trade, many northern editorial
               writers did an about-face.  The NY Times economic editor now
               demanded that the federal government “at once shut up every
               Southern port, destroy its commerce, and bring utter ruin on the
               Confederate states.”

12.  Thomas Paine: “Where liberty is not, that is my home”                                               
Paine fought for liberty in three countries, yet died a forgotten man.

13.  We Need ID Cards (for politicians only)                                                              
Imagine if we had a system compelling politicians to swipe an ID
               card through a reader every time they entered a
               building -- any building, for any purpose.

14.  No Posse Can Stop Them                                                                                     
If the federal government violates the Constitution, who’s going to
               stop it?  Not the states.  As checks on the power of federal
               encroachment, states rights died at Appomattox.



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